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It’s bad enough being the new kid, but as a freshman, Jimmy finds school less enjoyable than many of his classmates. Standing 5’5” and weighing 187 pounds, he’s subjected to a daily barrage of taunts and torments. His only sources of comfort are his family, his youth group, and his favorite foods. When his English teacher assigns a journal as a writing project, Jimmy chronicles not only his struggles but also his aspirations to lose weight and win the girl of his dreams.

Inspired by a true story and told in first-person journal entries, The Fat Boy Chronicles brings to life the pain and isolation felt by many overweight teenagers as they try to find their way in a world obsessed with outward beauty.

First Journal Entry

Tuesday, 8-15

Hey, Mrs. Pope. I’m the big kid who sits in the last seat by the door. I stay in the back so you don’t have to constantly hear, “We can’t see around Jimmy!” Just trying to help out. Besides, you can see a lot back here in the cheap seats. Like how nobody wants to do this stupid journal.

Man, I don’t get teachers. Why do you guys feel the need to pile it on the first day of school? Can’t you let us get used to the idea that summer is really over, before you stick it to us? Man, this journal thing has me bummed, big time. Three half-pages a week is tough.  That’s so NOT cool.  It may not seem like much to you (Hello! You’re an English teacher), but for kids like me, it stinks.  That’s one and a half pages every week for an entire school year. Why don’t you just ask us to write the great American novel and say it’s due in June?   It’s not as bad for the girls, cause they waste their time writing long, stupid notes about nothing to each other all the time. Plus, they write really big. Just to take up space. I hate that.

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