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“At 5 feet, 5 inches and almost 200 pounds by the time he turns 15, Jimmy Winterpock suffers every kind of indignity imaginable from classmates who think of him as less than a person. Jimmy's adolescent point of view, delivered in journal form, is most authentic when describing life's lows (his tormentors) and highs (the support he gets from his family and youth group).” School Library Journal

“As efforts to combat childhood obesity continue to make headlines, Lang and Buchanan delve into their experiences as teachers to tell the story of Jimmy, a “not-so-slim” high-school freshman. In his English-class journal, Jimmy records his efforts to make friends and escape bullying over the course of his first year in a new town. Although some of his old and new friends face more dramatic problems, such as abusive parents, Jimmy’s day-to-day struggles are compelling. A self-acknowledged “good kid” who loves video games and finds inspiration at church youth group, Jimmy has a refreshingly down-to-earth point of view. His honest, likable voice makes his effort to lose weight, his faith, and his growing social confidence believable. Grades 6-9.” Booklist

Lang Buchanan's novel about the angst of being an overweight teen is explored against the backdrop of a thrilling murder mystery. His struggle to overcome one of the most public of handicaps - if you're fat, everybody sees it immediately - at a psychologically crucial age is treated with sensitivity and respect. I recommend this to all teens and their parents - both thin kids and heavy - for its insight into the pain caused by this condition and the social isolation that it brings. Amazon Review

This book is a fantastic read. As a teacher I would recommend that all school personnel read it. Makes you see the student's perspective in a whole new way. Amazon Review

"This book shares it all in the life of a bullied teen. I have had the opportunity to see the movie and meet the author and actors. There is more to Fat Boy than being bullied about weight. Highly recommend to parents and educators. Keep tissues and pom poms close by."
-- Amazon Book Review

Movie Reviews

“The Fat Boy Chronicles will continue to be part of our efforts to combat bullying and childhood obesity. The enthusiasm our students have shown for the project helped us realize that students are eager to be part of the solution.” -- Peter Gorman Superintendant of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

“For those suffering with obesity, weight loss is a challenge, but the battle is winnable. Just ask Jimmy Winterpock. While his solution may or may not be the answer for others, his motivation for change is paramount. “ -- Thomas H. Inge, MD, PhD. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

“Jimmy Winterpock is every teenager. Every adolescent has felt likeJimmy at some point during this tumultuous time. The difference is that Jimmy has one of the worst stigmata of adolescence—being extremely overweight. He faces ridicule and humiliation by his peers, and ignorance and apathy from his teachers. But Jimmy did a remarkable thing. With a nudge from his doctor and the support of family and friends, he found the courage to change his life. Jimmy is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a positive change in his or her life.“ -- Mark Wulkan, MD Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Emory University Hospital

This is an intriguing story of the battles not only in Jimmy's life and his fight to lost weight but also the conflicts that other teenage kids have in school. This movie shows that bad behavior never helps anyone's situation and that friendship, family, and church will help anyone overcome their difficult times. Dove-Family Approved Review

It broke my heart watching Jimmy struggle with his feelings and his emotions. If nothing else, I would hope a movie like this would show kids how NOT to treat others. Amazon Review

This is a must-see movie on the subject of school bullying and the feelings that teenagers have to deal with on the subject of obesity and bullying. But it's much more than just a movie about bullying. It is also a movie about character and the difficulty in making life changing decisions during those difficult teen years. It is an honest portrayal of the feelings that many of us, including teens, go through during high school years and even before and beyond. Amazon Review

I gave it 5 stars because this movie is a good teaching tool for topics like bullying, domestic abuse, peer pressure, friendship and change. Amazon Review