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About The Authors

Authors Diane Lang and Michael Buchanan’s latest co-authored novel, The Fat Boy Chronicles, was released in 2010. The book won the National Parenting Publication’s Gold Award, and Mom’s Choice Award of Excellence and is used by schools around the nation in their anti-bullying and childhood obesity efforts.

The writing team also wrote the screenplay for the recently-released feature film adapted from the book. During its festival tour, the movie won multiple awards for its impacting, yet hopeful depiction of an obese and bullied 9th grader’s world. Both the book and movie are supported by the GA State Superintendent of Schools, Children’s Healthcare of ATL as well as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the International Bullying Prevention Association and The Southern Poverty Law Center. Upon the film’s release in early 2012, it quickly rose to #6 family rental in Redbox and has now been seen by over a million people on Netflix.

Buchanan and Lang are guest speakers at schools around the nation as well as state and national conferences where they discuss the issues of bullying and childhood obesity. Buchanan keynoted the 2011 International Anti-Bullying Convention in New Orleans.

Lang and Buchanan conduct screenwriting workshops and the team has been speakers at various writing conferences. Buchanan juries for film festivals as well.

Both authors are nationally-recognized retired teachers. The sequel to The Fat Boy Chronicles is underway while their next book, Treasure of the Four Lions, is with their publisher. Other novels by the team include Micah’s Child (2006) and the recently finished Cry of the Quetzal. Their feature length screenplays Bait and Tackle and Treasure of the Four Lions are in development. Their short film Last Bullet won multiple awards and their next short, Boxes, will be released in the summer of 2013.

The Fat Boy Chronicles movie is now available on DVD on Netflix, Amazon, itunes and other online outlets.

Buchanan lives in Alpharetta, Georgia while Lang resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

About The Director

Jason Winn is the Director of Tin Roof Films’ Award winning feature film, The Fat Boy Chronicles, that will be distributed by Melee Entertainment and Universal Home video in 2011. He also directed Award Winning, Last Bullet, a narrative short depicting two Vietnam soldiers caught in a life or death situation.

For television, he has produced and directed several segments for the show New Florida and he has directed/produced a pilot for Turner Television.

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Winn holds a degree in Mass Communications from the University of West Georgia.”


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