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Author Visits

“I have never seen a book have such a dramatic impact upon middle school students!” Benjamin Ruby, Ed.D. Northeastern Middle School, York, PA

“As a middle school, we have looked at many programs to deal with bullying. I don’t believe that any of them could have been as powerful as the reading of The Fat Boy Chronicles.” Rebecca Holthaus, Principal, Chagrin Falls Middle School, OH

Plan an Author Visit

Diane Lang and Michael Buchanan have presented at national and state conferences around the country and spoken to students in many states. They are available to meet with students, for school-wide one-reads programs, and community events. Their visits can include a full day school visit, visiting classes to discuss writing, filmmaking and an evening screening of the movie for students, parents, educators and members of the community. The authors interaction with your students can be structured to meet specific needs.

Presentation for Schools or Community Events

Bullying and Obesity in the School Community

The authors, both former teachers, will discuss their journey in writing the novel (inspired by a true story) along with an in-depth look at the issues of bullying and obesity many students face each day.

Fees are negotiated depending upon type/length of presentation. Expenses to and from the location are paid by the school or community partner.

Appearances include a screening of the film

To discuss a Program for your school or community, contact mike@tinrooffilms.com

Funding a School Visit

Many schools are struggling for funding in today’s education environment. However, school systems that are still driven to have a meaningful discussion about the issues with their students look for funding outside of the school. Lions Clubs, local churches, Rotary Clubs and local grants for health or reading are often utilized. Corporate sponsors are often looking for ways to help their community. We have been sponsored by GA Pacific, Reading Associations, YMCAs and Community Outreach Programs aimed at anti-bullying efforts. Some schools have used a screening of the movie as a fundraiser to pay for author visits during the day.

A recommendation from President of New York Reading Association

People say if you want something done for our youth, ask youth to help you. I think that is very true, considering what our NYSRA Conference was able to offer, through the assistance of a few of our young members who have recently entered the field of teaching.

Community Events have always been an important piece for our conferences. Last October 2012 we had the perfect opportunity to do something for teens and their parents, something we usually don’t have the opportunity to do. Typically community events end up with many pre-k or primary children attending. This year, through the opportunity of Mike Buchanan and Diane Lang offering to promote an anti-bullying theme with their book The Fat Boy Chronicles, and by the authors making school visits during the day and an evening showing of the movie based on the book, as well as a discussion session with parents and teens, our goal met with success.

Two schools were visited by the authors (entire school assemblies) and approximately 75 students and family members attended the evening event. Books were offered for pre-sale at a reduced rate from the publishing company, Sleeping Bear Press. Healthy snacks were promoted and shared at the evening event by the moderator (again one of youngest and newest members of NYSRA). There was also a teen pre-dance activity, door prizes and more! Flyers, newsletters, Facebook, School contacts as well as library contacts were made to help these events meet with success. The teens easily related to the entire program. We appreciate the opportunity to have this program meet with success, and it was due to the generosity of the publisher and authors.

A message from one of the administrators, “Thanks for getting the NYSRA information to us so that we could disseminate the material to our staff. I heard many positive comments from our teachers and your help in getting our teachers connected with the authors for an author visit at one of our poorest schools was an outstanding opportunity. I heard from the teachers at that particular school that the experience jump started many students into reading! “
~Debbie Dermady 2012 NYSRA Conference Co-Coordinator, Literacy: Common Core and Beyond! NYSRA IRA State Coordinator derm@nysreading.org.


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